Re: 40 Meter QCX Si5351 Error

Ronald Taylor

Paul, check that you got the orientation of the two diodes D1 and D2 correct and look for about 3.5 or so volts on the cathode of D1. If that is good, check your connections at R3 and R4 as well as pins 27 and 28 of the microcontroller. If they look good, check continuity (with power off) between pin 28 and R4. hold one meter lead on pin 28 and move the other to each side of R4. You should see 1K ohm on one lead and zero ohms on the other. Likewise do the same between pin 27 and R3. These connections are the I2C communication buss between the microcontroller and the Si5351a. 

Report back on what you find ... 73 ... Ron

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 8:07 AM K2DB Paul Mackanos <paul.mackanos@...> wrote:
I had a bad intermittent power connection, i moved the QCX and the power went on and off several times due to the loose connector.
Now all I get is the start up screen then it goes to Si 5351 Error.
Have no idea where to start.
Paul K2DB

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