Re: QCX+ alive!

Dean Smith

Can't say i had any problems with IC/Resistor placement, i agree it is a little cozy as is C39, the nearest resistor to IC3 is R1 with R2 behind it.
Maybe something for a future revision, tbh i didn't notice on assembly.
IF.....,IF i had to have a grumble,, The LCD fitting nuts'n'bolts are more of a pressing concern. The bolt nearest the Encoder has little space for the nut/spacer ,between the back of the lcd and the backplane pcb. I used plastic M3 nuts all round here to avoid any shorts/overtightning ect. the 16 way molex pins plastic spacer provides the correct gap, anyhow. I'm sure if Han's has already assembled one without the air turning blue,then things will be ok. Just a personal preference:). the one good thing about a pluggable front on the radio, is it helps to assemble without half the kit hanging of it. And those of you still waiting for the kit, you'll not be disappointed! The kit IS the mutts nuts!
Dean (G7EOB)

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