Re: QCX Ship Time: 64 Days #qcx #80m

Bill Cromwell


Maybe the sailboat gets blown right NZ and Australia and has to circumnavigate for another try.


Bill KU8H

bark less - wag more

On 6/28/20 9:07 AM, Glenn ODonnell wrote:
Wow! You ZLs have real patience! We are severely spoiled here in the US! I live in the forest and I'm accustomed to slower deliveries, but many city dwellers are too impatient even for overnight deliveries! Amazon Prime delivers in one hour in cities like New York!
In these modern days, I can't see why it should take 6 months to ship anything anywhere! Still, I am delighted to have my QCX, so I shall not complain. :-)
VY 73 de Glenn K3PP

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