QCX Ship Time: 64 Days #qcx #80m

Glenn ODonnell

Hello all,

I may now hold the dubious record for the longest ship time for a QCX shipment. I ordered my QCX-80 on 24-Apr and it shipped quickly on 29-Apr. I was delighted to find it in my mailbox today! That makes it 59 days in transit. Granted, I did choose the slowpoke at-your-own-risk shipping, so I deserve what I got. I was beginning to think this mode involved giving the package to a guy in a rowboat and then he rowed it from Turkey to the US. HI! Let me be clear, I'm not upset with anyone, especially Hans and his Turkish colleagues. It's actually kinda humorous, but I had almost given up hope, worrying it got lost somewhere in shipping/customs/wherever.

I am thrilled to now have it in my grubby mitts! This is one of the final non-plus QCX kits sold, so it is a bit of a collector's item, I suppose. I will enjoy building and using it, if I can ever find the time to focus on it. Hans may be up to the QCX ++ version by then!

TU ES VY 73 de Glenn K3PP

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