Re: U3S output ( single band unit versus LPF board unit )

Vernon Matheson

Hi Cathal...

I am comparing a sigle band U3S with 5 watt PA kit and a multiband U3S with a 5 watt PA kit

Doing the comparison i used the same 10M LPF  as well as the same 5 watt PA kit for testing each setup.

In the single band the LPF is in slot zero and in the multiband in slot 1 as that is where the LPF with the highest frequency is supposed to be installed on the LPF board.

Each U3S uses the 25 turn T1

The 5 watt PA is between the U3S and LPF in both cases.

It's not a big deal but just made me wonder why.

I haven't checked current draw yet.


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