Re: U3s surprise #40m #wspr

David R. Hassall WA5DJJ

Dear Jakob,
I have a documented 1uW contact on QRSS for 1,164 miles between me and W4HBK in Pensacola, Florida back on May 17, 2014.   QRSS and other weak signal modes do travel much farther than we ever imagined.   The total test between WA5DJJ and W4HBK is documented on my website at: It was a team effort between Bill W4HBK and I and I have not seen anything since to top it.   I doubt that it can be done on WSPR but that is an assumption made without testing the theory.   Propagation is astonishing sometimes and a lot of it's actions we take for granted. 
Take care and have fun. Try some QRSS with that U3S between those WSPR Transmissions and be prepared to be amazed again at where your signal goes.
73/74 Dave WA5DJJ

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