Re: #qcx+ Final manual version

Hans Summers

Hi Jelle, Warren

I changed the Palm Radio link to which works, as you say; this way if Palm do anything with the website then the link will still be useful. 

Just noticed: Page 155. R36 is missing from diagram. C21 is in the 5.7 CW filter section. But R36 is mentioned in the text of section 5.8 but not shown in that sections diagram.

Yes but it does say: "This potentiometer is located on the front panel PCB and is not shown on this diagram section (below)."

Life is further mixed up because R36 is now the new RX signal 10K pull-up resistor. And on the front panel PCB, the gain control potentiometer is referred to as R1... but R1 is a fixed (10K) resistor on the main PCB. So there is a bit of a mix-up here, in nomenclature only, which I will need to resolve in a future PCB revision perhaps. But it is a minor problem, nothing is really unclear. 

The mix-up came about because for the last 10 years I have been using the free version of Eagle, it is limited to one page and a PCB area of 80 sq cm, among other limitations. The QCX just fit into that, so do all other QRP Labs kits, until QCX+. In QCX+ the main PCB breaks the 80 sq cm limit. So I paid for the annual fee of Eagle now. Which means I can have larger PCBs, so I could design QCX+; and multiple sheets. But I actually didn't use the multiple sheet feature, I have two separate projects, one for the front panel board and one for the main board; that means that component numbering between the two isn't maintained by the program; so when I removed the 5K pot to put it on the front panel board, and then added the 10K RX pullup resistor, the program allocated the first available resistor number, which was R36. And on the front board, it became R1. Arrghhhh.... anyway as I said... very small thing. 

The best way to manage this would be each board has component numbering starting at 100, 200 etc. I did this correctly with the TCXO module PCB, which has two capacitors called C101 and C102. 

Anyway - I amended the manual to make sure R36 (10K) is mentioned in the parts list; and the 5K pot is now referred to as R1 (Front panel) in the parts list. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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