QCX chip broken? #qcx #firmware #40m

Kalle Johansson

Hello again after running WSPR beautifully for many months I had a mishap with the power supply and had to change to another one that unfortunately was not up to specs. Result was holy-smoke and time to replace Q6, Q1,Q2 and Q3 again. I still had no TX so I figured out that pin3 on IC3 was dead and changed that too. With new IC3 in place the TX was working again.

But now I have issues with the WSPR mode and errors in the settings menu when trying to configure the WSPR bits. When trying to set the frame I get letters instead of numbers and other suspicious behaviors. WSPR mode is working no more.

Ok, so I try to use the factory reset menu and here I also get erroneous input when trying to type in 17 but finally after some reboots I get it to work and hope that it will be blank and fresh again ready for good settings. This is not the case. Same errors appear in the settings menu and now I resort to upgrade the firmware to newest version 1.05 using AVRDUDESS. This also worked and the CPU happily booted up and reported 1.05 and everything is still the same. RX and TX is working fine but the settings menu is still working erroneously.

Do I need to order a new CPU or is there any way to "deep reset" the thing so I can clear out the bits in memory that I suspect is jumbled?

Happy for any good advice in this matter - 73 de SM3LXi

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