6m RX and 4m TX WSPR


Hi folks, just a heads up to say that my 6m 24/7 WSPR reporter is up and
running on a QRPLabs RX, Progrock and Polysynth with a homebrew 6m>10m
converter, the aerial is a dipole aligned north south at 15 feet agl.
Receiving well, but not many UK stations about. If the WSPR Challenge website
is anything to go by, the receiver seems quite competitive

My 4m WSPR TX is running 24/7, 10mW into a Sirio vertical halfwave endfed.
Best dx this year -so far- is DL4RU at 1244Km. Would like some reports from UK
stations too !
4m seems to be a forgotten band, give it a try..

73 Mike G8NXD IO70je

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