Re: WSPR data analysis #wspr #qcx40

Ted 2E0THH

Hi Graham, Michael and Alan

I was just about to set about this task with MS Access and thought I would quickly try the Windows Command line approach before I started.

It's brilliant! Saved me a morning's work, thank you! The results loaded up into MS Excel without problem.

My example:
C:\Users\micro\Desktop>FINDSTR 2E0THH wsprspots-2020-05.csv > 202005_WSPR_DB_results.csv

For others, note that I performed the processing on my desktop. DOS processed files can get easily lost unless you define the directory before you start.

So first I copied the large WSPR download onto my desktop
Then in the command window, I changed the directory using the cd command (change directory) so that all actions would take place on my desktop, thus
C:\>cd C:\users\micro\desktop (you will need to modify this line to match your own desktop location. An easy way to find this is to right click any existing file on your desktop, click properties and a window opens. There you will see your desktop location)

So now, when the command executes, it places results csv on the desktop too.

Thanks and I hope this extra info helps.

73s Ted

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