Re: Simple firmware instructions for USBASP #qcx #firmware

Paul AI4EE

I too copied your file, though I have not read it yet. I did try to use your link for Extreme Burner and my browser told me it contained a trojan. I'm using Win10 and Firefox. Apparently EB development stopped with Win8. Maybe that's why AVRDUDE gets so much attention. It seems to me that 'DUDE is often paired with Arduino and/or Linux, neither of which I use, so EB sounds like something that could work better for me. Thanks for your post.

On 6/12/2020 4:45 PM, Guy wrote:

i copied your procedure for upgrading firmware using Extreme Burner. One problem though, I can’t find any zip file that contains chip.xml. The only chip.xml file was already in Data folder and the ExtremeBurner install Itself was just an exe file. 


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