Re: External amplifier control for U3

Phil Frost <indigo@...>

The U3S brings PB5 out to a header just for this. Check out the operating manual for the latest firmware and search the document for "amplifier":

I don't know if the U3 has the header connection, so maybe you just need to scab on a wire some other way.

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 2:36 PM Manuel Verde Salmerón <ea7tb@...> wrote:
I have ultimate U3, plate "Rev 2".
I want to put an external applicator to increase the output power
First I'm going to do the transformation to go from U3 to U3S. (Https://
When making this modification, the microprocessor's PB5 signal is not used.
Can this signal be used to activate an external amplifier?
How else could it be done?
Manuel EA7TB

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