U3S kit, WSPR multiband schedule? #u3s #firmware #wspr

Cathal Ferris

Hi everyone.
I have what I hope is a quick question, hopefully that can be an interesting question.

When it comes to using WSPR mode on the U3S kit, with added GPS and the 6-band relay kit, is it possible to have a schedule of WSPR transmissions?
Even something like this as a yes/no menu selection option "Cycle WSPR?':
'band 0' , 'band 0' -> 'band 1' , 'band 1' -> 'band 2', 'band 2' -> 'band 3' , 'band 3' -> 'band 4' , 'band 4' -> 'band 5' , 'band 5' -> synchronisation and silence for 3 WSPR cycles -> and back to 'band 0' ; repeating each half hour like that ad infinitum?
One config item that when enabled would go through all of the bands, allows the extended WSPR double transmission to go out, allows the synchronisation against GPS, and keeps to the WSPR etiquette of 20% or under transmission time.

I haven't seen anything in the manual about it, so I assume the current state of things is that WSPR transmissions will only occur on one band unless manually changed as needed. Am I incorrect in the assumption that the U3S can't auto cycle across the bands in WSPR mode?
Would it be a useful feature request to add this, or is it even possible with amount of flash memory left available?

I've got this kit inbound in preparation for transmissions after I pass the licensing exams later in the summer, hopefully to be running from a large auto battery and solar cells. I'd like it to ideally need as little interaction as possible, and I'll have a small ATU built for it as well just for curiosity and interest, transmitting into whatever antenna I'll have up at the time. My antennas will be an all-band fan 1/4 wave vertical, a 42m Windom, a QRP-built trapped dipole, or an Aerial-51 404UL. Plenty of choice and interesting things to learn from the whole exercise. It won't be unattended, but will hopefully be automated as much as possible.


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