Modify REV 5 Already Built?

scot forshaw

Hi all,

With the demise of the original QCX before getting a chance to get another to modify, I was combing GitHub to work out if a fully built QCX R5 can be modified without butchering it?

By that I mean, the original QCX-SSB mod seemed to imply just 4 component changes and a few wires...
All the instructions there are for Rev4 boards to do the simple changes required, but then 5 comes along and separate instructions that all seem to consider a new unbuilt kit?
Seems also the project moved on and I can fully work out if the newer revisions of Guido's code and all the improvements will work with Rev 5 "unless everything is ripped out" making it no longer possible to switch the mods in/out.

So my questions are:-

Can the Rev 5 be modified without ripping out half the components?
If so, does it have the same features (sdr rx etc) as one built from scratch?
Finally, can it still be implemented with the ability to switch it in / out as in the first incarnation of QCX-SSB?

I am not particularly worried about backward compatibility I guess, but as it is already built it would be nice if possible.


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