Re: How about an ultra-portable "QCX mini" version? #qcx


Hi Jack,

You and I are on the same page concerning SMD components. I programmed PLC's for a living for about 25 years (then they put me in manglement and ruined my life :D ) but for some reason Atmel/PIC programming has left me in the dust. I would very much appreciate the book recommendation.

Also- As much as I wish I could make a video like that, the video was done by one of the contributors to the thread I started. I have never been able to master the art of creating an interesting video. I've tried. I've done a bunch of night timelapse work and I've been recording any flying I do. My last video was of a flight I made into Farmington, NM. That one took a day and a half to edit. It was by no means a work of visual art. 



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