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WSPR: Yeah... like Curt says, it can be a fiddle, but it's really worth it: the thrill of getting reports back from half way around the world is nothing short of exhilarating... well, it was for me, I'm just a big kid ;-)  You really want to read Hans' notes in the manual. Check you'r frequency is in range. Time is critical: be a second or two late on your clock, but not early. Be aware that every time you go into the beacon menu, it messes with the system time ever so slightly. Choose a frame rate no less than 10 for politeness' sake, and start on an even minute, but not on the hour. Remember to save settings.

I got a GPS unit for mine, just to make setting the clock and Maidenhead Locator easier.

CW beacon is simpler, but it relies on full QRP CW power, and sometimes even that isn't enough, so if there's anything wrong, you'll get skunked. My rig is working fine, and I still get ignored much of the time.  Conversely, I'm in Minnesota, and I got WSPR reports from Alaska, New Zealand, Brazil, Iceland, and Eastern Europe, even forgetting to switch out my antenna Z-matcher (75% power reduction!).

Good luck.

Julian, N4JO.


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Wspr can be difficult to set up, but rbn tends to be easy if your cw is discernable. Your PA circuit could have a bug, even a missimg solder joint. See if your finals even get warm. Very difficult to say, but so far indeed you have zero data on transmit.


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