Re: PA for qcx 40m #qcx40

Darren KN4WML

How much power? That I don't even know yet, I haven't purchased a meter to test yet. I'm looking to get one by the end of the week.   As far as I know I might not even been transmitting at all.   

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Just for grins, set up for WSPR and see what you get for spots at


How much power are you using now?





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Subject: [QRPLabs] PA for qcx 40m #qcx40


Question from a newcomer.   With the 40m qcx, would it be helpful to add on a PA to this kit?  I have an average ant up about 30+- feet in the sky. I receive pretty well in the evenings but I don't seem to be getting any responses back.   I'm thinking I don't have enough powertpower get out?



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