Re: How about an ultra-portable "QCX mini" version? #qcx

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Atmel and Microchip is one and the same also the largest MPU maker and has several
dozen architectures.

8051 family  based
and likely a few forgotten.

Arduino is not a MPU, its a system and the key element is helping the user get past
the hardware to doing something.  By doing that it often obscures the underlying
hardware enough to make it easy to use and also hard to exploit all its features. 

Bottom line discussing Arduino in the context of QCX is senseless.  It happens
to use the Atmega328 (its a series and happens to be used in the UNO, not the
nano that's a 328PU 32pin TQSD which has two more A-D.) and programmed
to the iron level.  That means one has to have knowledge of all the internal
registers  and understand the features.  The  language and tools used are
only means to the ends.

Likely I'm one of the few that designed, built and programmed micro processors 
starting with the great grand daddy of them all the 8008 when it was $180 for
the cheap slower part.  And most of those created since.  Typically in assembler.

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