Re: Polyphase board


Have to ask.   How much bandwidth do you need?
Nearly 3000hz is wider than most filters used in SSB transmitters.
Most of mine are 2.1 and 2.4Khz and 2.8khz is considered wide.
Also despite your RX band width width the amount of transmitted
information is far more limited and you will not hear "more" other
than greater adjacent frequency interference that is within your

However you may need to alter C3-C6 to a lower value.  Try 33nF or 10nF
Reason for this is the  detectors are low pass in nature and those capacitors
are part of that.

I'd go on line and find a calc or spreadsheet for recalculating the values
before going there.  High order RC filters tend to have a lot of interaction.

If your using a computer to render audio from I&Q then the polyphase board
is not needed.

Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

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