Re: How about a QSX


For those that want some unique flavor or changed  QCX,
The schematic is in the manual, make your own to your liking and
while your at it use a larger MPU to get in all those wish list things.
Want it small too, its up to you.

To that point the QCX-SSB project, fairly well documented.
Can you build one  from a QCX and an added pile of parts,
not as a kit?   If it doesn't work out of the gate can you
troubleshoot your work and get it going?

Then you can have everything you want even if no one else would
want that.  That is the key it has to meet some cost and sell price
goals, be producible and reproducible, not too complex or stupidly
simple, and address a larger market.  Parts much be obtainable
now and next year.

I can do that, if I could not, I'd be a sorry sight of an engineer.
But I didn't for one second call it easy as even for me the case
of I want but will not do is sometimes a case of reality and 
mechanical or cost limitations.  Its hard work and a whole lot
of it.  Testing and more testing!  If it has software further testing.

Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

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