Re: How about a QSX

R. Tyson

>>But don't worry, if nothing else, the one and only thing I definitely do have is a world-class, world record breaking, stiff upper lip.<<

You also have a number of very good kits that you have produced and many people have both built and enjoy using them. I think it is safe to say that you have advanced the cause of QRP considerably.

Your radio designs are interesting to build, the instructions are brilliant and the end product is amazing. However, there are always those who are never satisfied, can we have, why not, why didn't you, where is it, why isn't it finished, why haven't you incorporated...  and on and on.....

Ignore the few who will never be satisfied with what they have and rejoice in the huge numbers who build your kits and appreciate them just as they are. For those who want this, that and the other then there is always the option of designing and building your own hearts desire and incorporating whatever you want into it.

Reg                 G4NFR

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