Re: Questions about QSX radio (by QRP Labs)



thank you for starting this discussion.
I am in a similar situation. I am waiting for the QSX as my first rig (I am quite tempted to buy also the QCX+, even if I am not interested in morse code, just to learn stuff, but that's another story).


My constraints are:

- I live in an apartment (top floor). 

- I need to be discrete (no vertical antennas), but potentially (better to avoid but) I can try to spread an horizontal antenna (max 10meters long) outsides the windows of one of the sides of my flat.

- I have no good "ground" to connect to. I could use the building's mains ground, but I don't think that's a particular good one to connect to (?!?).


Given these constraints I have identified two interesting option:

1) A "portable/car" monoband antenna, like the Diamond HF20FX. It has good reviews ( but I don't know if it needs a ground?!?

2) An half-wave horizontal dipole for max 20m (i.e., max 5m + 5m = 10m in total), to be placed horizontally. Is this a good idea? Can you suggest one?

I see the , would that be good?




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