Re: Concerns about the QCX+ for ultra-portable operators

Hans Summers

Hi Luc

Please refer to my post in the other thread. I understand the concerns and I will find a solution and update you all in a couple of weeks. 

73 Hans G0UPL

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 10:13 AM ON7DQ Luc <on7dq@...> wrote:
I also hate to see the 'QCX Classic' go ... didn't Coca Cola have to put their Coke Classic back on the market after a lot of protest ?

Volume of the QCX+ would be  851180 mm³
My QCX 20m measures 105 x 90 x 35 = 330750 mm³ , that is only 39% of the volume of the QCX+ !
(see details and pics on my blog )

And yes , mine has a DC input jack, ON/OFF switch, extra cooling for the 7805 and for the finals, all in that small box.

As for batteries inside, I prefer them outside, because I may switch packs between different rigs, and I have small and large battery packs, depending on what activity I need them for.

So yes, one vote to keep producing the QCX Classic !


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