Tony McUmber

Here I am like a kid awaiting a box top prize (anyone remember those?).  Down to the end of the driveway to check the mailbox every day;  Alas, I begin to think that IT WILL NEVER COME.  But, deep in my juvenile heart, I know that it will -- they always have, eventually.

To pass the time I want to collect what I need to complete the assembly and get the new toy on the air.  Can someone tell me what I will need to use the CAT function with the new QCXP?  I have a Laptop running Win 10, and a logging program which can utilize computer control.  What will I need to connect the two machines?  Please answer as if you were addressing an ignoramus but not an idiot.

Thanks for all help, and thanks to Hans for a wonderful QRP rig which brought me back to hamming a couple of years ago.

73, Tony  N0BPA

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