Re: Concerns about the QCX+ for ultra-portable operators

Gwen Patton

I got a nice LiFePO4 battery from Talentcell recently. It's a 12Ah model, chargeable with a standard lead-acid charger because of a built in charge management system. It's going to go into a lovely little battery box I have, with a small but serviceable charger, and a Power Pole distribution box. The price is reasonable. If I were much wealthier, I'd consider the 24Ah, or even the 100Ah batteries on the same page on Amazon. For smaller uses, I have other Talentcell packs, and USB-C PD power banks and the associated sink boards to use them. (I already posted about my project using them, so I won't post it again. I can only toot my own horn so much before I get embarrassed.)

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 7:40 PM Dave <VE3GSO@...> wrote:
I had the opportunity to talk to the fine Bioenno people at Pacificon 2019, and I’m impressed by the quality of their batteries. I had to fly home so carrying a Lithium battery on board an aircraft was out of the question. I’ve heard that Canada now has another dealer, so I hope one of their batteries is in my future.


On Jun 3, 2020, at 18:50, Troy - K4JDA <troy.davis@...> wrote:

Use this and make a hole in the case with a 3D printed grommet to hold the charging jack in the hole to make it accessible from the outside.


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