Re: Questions about QSX radio (by QRP Labs)


Did see anyone comment on QRP AM but being a phone op
I'e run contacts usign the FT817 at 1.25W, also 25W from the
Tentec Eagle.  It works.

SSB has more punch and some advantage but I've run my Tentec 509
(5W DC in about 2.6 out) on 20 for some decent contacts across the

My miles per watt record is on 6M at about 100mW into the antenna.
and op at other end was about 1000miles away.  Propagation works.

Generally and the best comment is its all about the antenna.
There are many "all band" antennas, I use several and also a few
dedicated antennas.  Comment the dedicated antenna generally
work best for the intended band.

With that said, rule 3 put something up as anything is better
than a bucket of wire in the shed.  IT will help you understand
what better maybe for your case.

Wire is cheap, play with it

Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

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