Re: Concerns about the QCX+ for ultra-portable operators

K2DB Paul Mackanos

no, they won't 
Paul K2DB 

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 9:37 PM Mike <miguel.d.molina@...> wrote:

First off, thanks for making such an amazing rig as the QCX available. As a new ham (Oct 2019), the QCX was and is my doorway to the world of CW and ultra-portable operation, especially while on backpacking and hiking trips. I also do SOTA. As part of the SOTA community here in Southern California, one of the top concerns I have with any rig is pack space. Based on the images provided on the new product page, it looks like the new QCX+ design would take up a considerable amount more space than the original QCX due to the controls and screen being mounted perpendicular to the main PCB. It also has lost its signature microswitch keyer, which is a bummer. I've been touting the amazingly compact design of the QCX for my trips, but the QCX+ seems to make a tradeoff between enclosure friendliness and space savings. I can tell you that the original QCX is very popular in the SOTA community for its portability, but without the ability to shrink down the profile of the QCX+, I have a feeling that many ultra-portable operators will shy away from the new rig due to its increased size profile. Any thoughts here?

- Mike (KN6EZE)

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