Re: QCX-20 ... low output power (~1.5 W) #qcx #20m

Mike Easterbrook

Hi Rob
No - have not done any more on key shaping. I was hoping for more feedback from the group as don't fully understand the circuit. I would have thought (wrongly?) that malfunction in Q4/6 would result in no keying at all.  Allison did make a comment on L4.  Small adjustment either way reduces RF out so did not look further. I'll take another look at this with respect to key envelope & revert.

50 years since I used CW & very slow progress getting up to speed so a few key clicks aren't going to upset too many folks yet. Got me wondering if this is an uncommon problem or just reflects few users with the means (or motivation) to look at it.
 73 Mike 9M2LXM

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