Re: What are you QRP guys using to measure power?


I wonder how close I got doing this,
I have an old Radio Shack model, it has 3 power levels,
20, 200, 2000 watts

I trimmed the 20 watt position by running enough power to have it say best guess 2 watts, and then adjusted the trimmer so it was full scale.

I know probably far from Accurate, but still better than trying to read less than 2 watts on a 20 watt scale true?


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On 5/30/2020 12:36 AM, Julian Opificius wrote:
Thanks Paul,
Yeah, I fully understand the peak measurement part, that's easy; it's exactly that bit about "assuming your load is 50 ohms resistive) I was talking about ..

Back to the antenna theory book, I guess..

Julian N4JO.

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