Re: 50W PA Damaged

Bill Cromwell


It isn't possible to pass laws nor make any equipment of any kind "idiot proof". As soon as we design or legislate to protect from idiots then better idiots will be made :)


Bill KU8H

On 5/30/20 7:12 AM, geoff M0ORE via wrote:
I don't think any ATU will prevent damage to a transmitter due to human error. The commercial and military  equipment employ extensive circuitry in the transmitter to take care of such mishaps and shut down to a safe level. A soldier under fire can be forgiven for not checking the aerial matching. Likewise, an aerial on a vehicle may be damaged without the operator being aware of the damage.
An ATU is basically a means of transforming one impedance to another. If no load is connected i.e. a very high impedance, then that is reflected back through the ATU to your transmitter as a very high impedance. Hence the blown finals.
You could design an interlock system such that if the aerial is not connected the transmitter does not power up.
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