Re: [help] Only noise being seen while IQ balance / phase lo / phase hi.

Alan G4ZFQ


Measured voltage for IC10 are:   pin  1  ~ 8   : 1=11.7  /2= 11.7 / 3=11.7 /4=0 == 5=3.3 / 6=2.31 / 7=11.7 / 8=11.7   (Volts)
But, perhaps I should just replace the IC rather than
wondering if it's good or NG.
The voltages seem to indicate it is good. Pin 6 is much lower than pin 5 even though it is fed from pin 7 which is very high.
I've not been following too closely. Have you checked voltages each side of R37? Is C22 installed the correct way round? Is it leaky?

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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