Re: A great QCX-QCX contact and salute to youth

Hans Summers

Hi Ted

I know of one other regular poster on this forum that knows this area rather well J

Yes indeed! I was so lucky that Akihabara was a 2-station train ride from my office. I could literally be there, door to door including the walk to/from the stations at either end, in 15 minutes each way. That left 30 minutes to peruse and buy what I needed. So I could be there and back in a lunch hour! Many QRP Labs kits started their development using components found in Akihabara. And yes, sometimes I did not make it back in an hour so had to have plenty of excuses on hand :-D

Later I had one of the popular eBikes (you pedal but an electric motor assists) known as Mamachari which literally translates to "Mummy Bike". Actually we bought it for XYL to use but between one lab tech and another it was me that ended up zooming all over Tokyo on it. So then it was even faster to get to Akihabara and back in a lunch hour, through the Tokyo back streets. 

Happy memories! 

73 Hans G0UPL

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