Re: Heresy follows Re: [QRPLabs] IRF510 #alignment #magic of hollow state #alignment #magic


To that I have: a SX100, Two home brewed tube RX, HW101, Tempo-One,
National NCX-5, Hallicrafters HT37, Siltronix1011C and enough tubes
laying around to make a few rack loads of radios.

I'd love a Drake 2B or 2C, I've fixed a few and they are just interesting radios.  
The only reason I don't is the room is 10x14feet!

I also have a few intermediate age radios like ARS AX190, Tentec Argonaut 505
and Tentec Triton.

I like radios!  I build radios.  Been doing that since the 60s.

Glow in the dark or not, when it emits smoke, you fix it.  
When its working you give it love by running it and enjoy
the sounds and smells.  Its still about the magic of hearing a
voice from across the street or some ocean.

Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

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