Re: QCX/QCX+ Serial number 10,000 auction for fun

Hans Summers

Hi Al 
QCX/QCX+ sales just passed the 10,000 number.
I'm sure this is practically impossible to know, but has any QRP kit radio ever done this? Maybe HW-8? Truly impressive, Hans!

I wonder if the Elecraft K2 reached that milestone? It's gotta be close. But you won't get one of those for $55!



I have the greatest respect for Elecraft, their ethos, design, everything. But yes, they are at the opposite end of a price range to QRP Labs Hi hi. 

As far as I know: the K2 was introduced in 1999 and I remember reading somewhere (though my memory could be inaccurate - correct me if I am wrong, please!), the K2 sales did indeed pass the 10,000 milestone - but that took 20 years. 

The QCX took only 2.75 years to cross that milestone :-)

But we are of course comparing apples and oranges, it's not really a fair comparison at all. It's normally the case that sales volume and price tend to be inversely proportional. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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