A great QCX-QCX contact and salute to youth

Steve in Okinawa

A year or so ago I heard a QRP station on 40 cw and answered the CQ using my QCX. It was Saku, JS6OUG, up in Hyogo prefecture. He was using A FT-817, and had a great fist and also excellent English. In the course of our QSO I learned he was only 14 and in Junior high school. I was also in Junior high when I got started in ham radio. He expressed interest in my QCX and said he would look into buying a kit. The next I heard from him he had written to this group asking for some troubleshooting help, and then afterwards saying he had it going and was trying to get it permitted for use in Japan. Then last night I finished a (QRO) QSO with a stateside station on 40 and heard Saku calling me.  I switched to my QCX and we had a brief but very satisfying chat. This was a win for both of us, and I think also for QRPlabs and the hobby as a whole.  73, Steve

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