Re: [help] Only noise being seen while IQ balance / phase lo / phase hi.

Jose Tent

I want to thank everyone for their inputs so far !. 

I followed the official "Debugging QCX issues ~~" video, parts of it follows through the IC's looking at the voltage as Ron suggested.  (Thank you Ron)  Doing this I found IC9 Pin 1 is 5 volts.   According to the video at 16:58, it should be 2.5v !   BUTTTTTTTTT..... I go back to my Rev5e manual and page 139 indicates IC9 Pin 1 *SHOULD* indeed be 5 Volts ???   So I guess the video is wrong OR the design has been updated.

News 2:   PAYDIRT ?
I decided to measure voltage at all the pins of all the IC and compare against the manual. (Vs. Youtube)  I'm finding some voltages that are competely off....

Here are some voltage at the IC that isn't jiving with the manual :  Input volitage is 12.36 volts btw. 
IC6       Pin #3,5 measures around 2.5v  [manual indicates lower at 1.x v)
IC7       Pin #3,5 measures around 2.5v  [Manual = 2v]     *within tolerance ??*
IC8       Pin #5 measures around 2.37v  [Manual = 0.67v]
IC9       Pin #3,5 measures around 2.5v [Manual = 0.65v]
     Pin #1,2,3,7 measures 12 volts [Manual = 5.83v]      ??!!??!! 
     Pin #4,5 is measuring 3.02 and 2.31v  [manual = 4.21 and 3.94 ]     *within tolerance ??*
 So perhaps I have a inadvertant jump in connections somewhere......  I have to think about this a bit more to figure what is wrong.  

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