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Mike Besemer - WM4B

Lead solder will not disappear as long as the MILSPEC requires it – forever I hope.  Lead-free solder never seems to get past the ‘plastic’ stage… it’s like working with Elmer’s Glue.  I keep several pounds of eutectic solder on-hand all the time.





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FWIW I operated a wave soldering machine for 17 years from 1982-1999 and a Mydata pick/place machine and decided in mid 90's to go to the Doctor for lead testing. Nothing. Keep in mind that the machine was vented to the outside world so the flux bath and smoke was vented away from me. Once the boards came out of the machine, they went into the sink of warm water for scrubbing (water soluble flux), but despite handling all those board for 17 years, it didn't get into my bloodstream. Maybe I got lucky - not sure but no health issues. I hope my supply of 63/37 lasts a while :-)
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Joe - AD2DX

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