QCX, QLG1, v1.05 ... WSPR?


Can anybody confirm that QCX, QLG1 and firmware v1.05 work together properly with WSPR?

I enjoyed good returns on WSPR with both my QCX 40 and my QCX 20 prior to  v1.05 and prior to QLG1.
Yesterday with v1.05 only I got typical returns on the 20m unit while I was building my newly arrived QLG1.
Since I connected the QLG1 which, by all indications, is working correctly, and I used it to calibrate the 20MHz and 27MHz clocks, I haven't heard a peep from wsprnet.

Diag on QLG1 is "A -- f-- t12 s26" (s value drops to 5 occasionally, but no lower). At some point there was something after "A" and something after "f", as it appeared and disappeared immediately after I pressed "select" to update.

The QLG1 lamps flash, as described, the QCX's identify it and respond as anticipated. The calibration values on the ref and system clocks look reasonable, settling at 27,003,887 and 20,006,197 respectively after the heartbeats.

I was about to hit "Send" saying "nothing seems wrong, behaviorally, yet I haven't heard a squeak out of WSPRnet since connecting the QLG1." but on further gazing I did notice that with both QCX's, the "t" and "s" fields blank out occasionally too.

Julian N4JO.

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