Re: [help] Only noise being seen while IQ balance / phase lo / phase hi.


I would recommend checking the volume pot solder joints again. They can be tricky as the leads aren't long enough to reach through. You may have to solder them from the pot body side. The volume control should lower the volume to almost nothing and smoothly come up. With headphones I usual only have to run the volume up at 9 o'clock if the control is against the stop at 8 o'clock. Also before doing the 3 blue multi turn trim pot adjustments, turn them many times one way and then turn them about 10 turns the other way so they aren't at one end of their adjustment. 

73 Don ve3ids

On Wed., May 27, 2020, 11:49 a.m. Jose Tent, <ksaito2@...> wrote:

thanks. I didn't think it was.   I tested the volume pot and it dials up smoothly from 5k to zero.  So, it's not the pot.

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