External active antenna for GPS #antenna #gps


I bought an external antenna for one of mine QLG1 module (I have 3). It is a cheao antenna found on Amazon. Actually I measure now 5V at the input from the QCX, but 2,5V at the SMA. My external antenna says it needs 3-5V (1575,42MHz). I have 2,5V infact on pin 9 of the RF module, so through resistor and inductance I have 2,5V to the antenna. Did anybody connect an antenna to QLG1?  Any clue on how driving the antenna at 5V?
I would like to try and see if the RX is better with that antenna, as I have my shack at floor -1, and the antenna could help, also because I could put it next to a window (it has a couple of meter of cable)

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