Re: PA R27 doesn't match the color code in the instructions #pa

K2DB Paul Mackanos

I know it may be politically incorrect to see it this way but I learned the color code back in 1962, by just saying bad boys rape our young girls but violet gives willingly 🤪
How many others learned this way ?
Paul K2DB 

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 3:59 AM Andrew Lenton <a@...> wrote:
orange-orange-silver-gold is .33 Ohm, I am surprised some manfactures are leading with a zero making it

black orange-orange-silver-gold.

I think is should be Orange Orange Black Silver Gold (33.0 x.01 = .33 Ohms)

The third band was introduced, so you could have prisision resistors ie 27.6 K (red pruple, blue, red

see below:

73 Andrew

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