HELP! I think I have a QCX startup problem

Terry Brown <n7tb@...>

I just finished my QCX.  I plugged in my headphones before initial power up.  As soon as I powered up, a steady tone started with AF gain set at mid range.  The rig first asked for what band, and I input 20 for this rig.  Tone continued.  When I went into the BPF filter peaking step, same tone, same amplitude.  I peaked the filter.  Best I could get was mid scale 08.  When I went to minimize the I-Q balance, the amplitude of the bars never changed regardless of R27 adjustment.  Same for Low audio phase adjust and high audio phane adjust.  When I exit out of the calibration menus, the tone remains.


Any idea what is going on?  I cannot read a schematic diagram to diagnose anything, despite advanced calculus and differential equations in my education.  I just never have been able to “get it” when it came to knowing how circuits work.  So….. I am relying on the good graces of this group to help me.


Thanks, and 73,




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