Re: Running One Watt on Purpose

Skip Davis

George I have run at 2 watts out for years into a 40 meter dipole with TV twinlead feeder and loaded on other bands with a tuner and it worked great. As others have pointed out much of the time the other stations don’t know the difference. I achieved WAS and DXCC without trying hard and even made contacts during contests. Cracking pileups with a couple of watts is quite a thrill but Also having a comfortable QSO is rewarding too.

What operating at this power level will do for you is sharpen your operating skills. Just in the last year I acquired a high power amp (1kw) to use mostly for nets operating, and I’ve got to tell you after a week of using it with my wire antennas to make contacts it was point and shoot contact made in pileups. After a week the fun was gone, it became too back to QRP or a lot lower power for me. I run about 20 watts CW so that is where the 50 watt amplifier comes into play. If the other station is struggling I will up my power otherwise I keep on going.
Have fun and be patient.

Skip Davis, NC9O

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