Re: Battery recommendations for portable ops?


Undoubtedly NiMh is less volatile by nature, but I'm not sure the price difference is that large anymore.

The 2.2AH LiPo I linked is $26 and is nearly packaged as one unit with a protection board - You need only make an adapter for the power plug or snip it off and attach your own connector.

I use a balance charger much like the one below that can be had for under $15, so all in you can be under $40

I would definitely agree that building your own lithium pack or using unprotected cells and rigging your own protection system does add additional cost, complexity, and risk, but I think the proliferation of drones and RC toys has really done us a favor in this regard.

I actually use the above charger to charge the lithium batteries on an airsoft rifle as well - Lipo chemistry has become pretty ubiquitous.

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