Re: Shipping times from Turkey to United States

Skip Davis

Patience is important in these times and Hans is great at supporting us throughout the whole process of ordering to finished construction. I have ordered several kits from Hans and other European venders so following the tracking I have experienced packages that once leaving the overseas shippers hand that is the last I’ve seen of tracking updates. Not even shown arriving in customs before it shows up at my doorstep after a week or two sitting somewhere. This was very unnerving because one package value/cost was over $1K US.
Just to put it more in prospective I have two orders in with US venders one I order from almost monthly advertises two day FedX which usually happens except this last one took a week to process and a week to arrive after being shipped from stocked items. My Amazon order showing in stock also still hasn’t shipped now going on two weeks after being charged. We just have to be a little more patient in these times.

Skip Davis, NC9O

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