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Arv Evans

Stephan W2SHT

Most likely both pieces of wire are AWG28 under the insulating paint.  If you have an 
ohmmeter you can easily test for presence of insulation by testing for conductivity.  

Size of wire actually makes little difference in inductance when winding onto toroid 
cores.  It is the number of passes through the core that controls inductance.  Since 
there is a little distributed capacitance between windings it is possible to slightly tune 
the windings by spacing or squeezing the turns.  

Arv  K7HKL

On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 3:18 PM <KC2UOK@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Just got my QCX 40m kit in the mail and finished inventorying all the parts. I have PCBv5 and Software v1.04 (shipped JUST before 1.05 was released, DOH!)
I received everything plus an extra resistor and capacitor here and there, but I have a question about the 2 lengths of wire that were supplied.

The parts list mentions AWG 28 (0.33mm diameter) wire.

I received:
1x gold colored length of 0.36mm diameter (likely AWG 27) wire in the main kit bag
1x red colored length of 0.34mm diameter (likely AWG 28-ish) wire in the 40m LPF bag

Are both of these rolls enameled? Should I use the gold colored thicker wire for the large Transformer T1 and the thinner red wire for Inductors L1-4? Will it make a big difference in the end? All the pictures in the manual seem to show gold-ish colored wires on the transformer and all the inductors.

I want to be very sure before I start putting this beauty together.

Thank you in advance for any insights and comments!

73 de W2SHT/Stephan

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