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Hi Everyone,

Just got my QCX 40m kit in the mail and finished inventorying all the parts. I have PCBv5 and Software v1.04 (shipped JUST before 1.05 was released, DOH!)
I received everything plus an extra resistor and capacitor here and there, but I have a question about the 2 lengths of wire that were supplied.

The parts list mentions AWG 28 (0.33mm diameter) wire.

I received:
1x gold colored length of 0.36mm diameter (likely AWG 27) wire in the main kit bag
1x red colored length of 0.34mm diameter (likely AWG 28-ish) wire in the 40m LPF bag

Are both of these rolls enameled? Should I use the gold colored thicker wire for the large Transformer T1 and the thinner red wire for Inductors L1-4? Will it make a big difference in the end? All the pictures in the manual seem to show gold-ish colored wires on the transformer and all the inductors.

I want to be very sure before I start putting this beauty together.

Thank you in advance for any insights and comments!

73 de W2SHT/Stephan

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