Re: QCX antenna


Even with the end fed half wave wire you still need a ground as you have no coax to
provide the counterpoise.  A length of wire [maybe 20ft] laying stretched out on the
ground should do.  That would be connected to the the QCX RF ground point.

Some will say the wire needs to be a quarter wave but wires are seriously detuned 
laying on the ground.

The antenna element still needs to be a half wave or the SWR will be high and the
finals maybe history.

FYI I use the PAR EF-40/20/10 I've had for over 15 years and its my go-to portable
antenna.  Replacing the wire on that one with one cut for 17 and 15M makes for a
light kit and most bands I'd do  portable.  That  plus lengths of 1/8" dacron cord,
and 20ft of coax I"m set anywhere there are trees. 

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