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Richard Hall

The purpose of this mod is to give QCX access to a receive-only antenna via the 50 Watt PA kit. This can be added to a functioning PA or the kit can be built as a T/R switch without the amplifier circuitry. The first approach is more elegant; the second, more broadly useful.
To add a receive-only input to an existing 50 Watt PA, desolder and expose the pin of C16 nearest C17. Solder a wire from that pin to the center connector of a BNC connector. Ground the BNC wherever is convenient and you're done.
To build the PA kit as a T/R switch only, omit everything from C3 to C15 on the schematic and run jumpers from C3 to C8 and C15. The through holes for R2 and R3 nearest C3 would be a good origin for the jumpers and they could end at the holes for C21 and C9. Then install a BNC as above, jumpered from C16. This version is band agnostic. The jumper to C8 is not shown in the photograph because I hadn't thought of it at the time the photo was taken.

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