Re: Retrofit CAT on older QCX (serial #675) #cat

Glen Leinweber

Stop for a moment and consider what Hans has achieved in the QCX:
  • Multi-band versions of high-efficiency QRP radio
  • A manual setting a new quality benchmark
  • Software-assisted alignment, troubleshooting, reprogramming.
  • prompt bug revisions
  • key included with more: Keyer, CW decoding, message menu & more
  • WSPR support
  • CAT support
Hans could likely add a few that gave him considerable trouble, that I've missed.
Gives me a shiver when considering that one brain contains all the interactions
between these functions, especially where some were added as afterthoughts.

When Hans brain explodes, a large committee of software & hardware engineers
would cat-fight their way towards retro-engineering the QCX, and likely fail.
Hans - Humpty-Dumpty of QRP radios X-(

CAT was such an afterthought...herding cats into an already-crammed ATmega328
flash is a very impressive feat - who howled & squealed more:
cats? ATmega328? Hans?
Never has versatile hardware been pushed so close to the limit. The fur must
have been flying.

I hope Hans re-thinks such an attitude for QSX: basic good performance should
have priority over added features. Having empty flash & unused processor cycles
is OK. Take some time to chill, Hans - let no brains fry before their time.

Hans, the cat-herder wrote:
By the way - a reminder to everyone: all QCX firmware versions are compatible with ALL QCX PCB revisions even the earliest PCB as of the August 2017 launch. 

But in this case where you want to create a CAT serial port, if your PCB is Rev 4 or earlier, you need to add two resistors and a diode. If your PCB is Rev 5 then these components are already included on the PCB. 

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